Friday, July 1, 2011

Getting Started, started, started.

It is finally time. We left Birmingham on June 9 2011 driving to Sandusky, Ohio in a rented van. Rented so that we could leave it in Sandusky when we departed on OneEighty, and van so that we could take 10,000 pounds of stuff to the boat. We Spent the next 4 days getting the boat ready and putting her in the water. After we got her in the water we found we had plenty of other things to do such as keeping the water out and the air in. She finally got her christening of the new name....Ladies and gentlemen.....introducing...... OneEighty. We set the date of June 13 as the start date for the trip. That would give us time to install everything and then check it out before setting out to sea. The stage one objective was to sail 230 miles east on Lake Erie to Buffalo NY. For the next 3 days we tried to leave but always had to come back because the engine would quit after 2 hours run time. Finally it was determined that it was the new "modern" electric fuel pump that was causing the problem, so we eliminated it and all worked well from then on. Bob McKay had flown in to Sandusky to take the Buffalo leg with us, but used all his time up trying to get the engine running. Actually we had some of our best sailing when the engine had died. We had to sail back in from 15 miles out, and sailed in to the dock, no engine. It was a great sail....right up to the moment that we sail into the dock.

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