Friday, April 10, 2015

Yard Work, 2015

Before any extended sailing cruise, it is prudent to pull the boat and put it into dry-dock so that you can clean and paint the bottem, and also get a good look at all the things that have, or could go wrong underwater while you are far out at sea.
Sand-blast, re-epoxy, and paint bottom
This year we pulled the boat at Barber's Marina/Boatyard thinking that it would be a quick in-and-out with some new anti-fouling paint on the bottom.  We pulled the boat in January, and she didn't get back into the water until March.  When we washed the gunk off the bottom, we discovered hundreds, no, thousands of blisters that had formed on the bottom.  All of a sudden we had gone from quick-fix to long term major repair work.

Paint on new boot-stripe

Taping and painting boot-stripe

Removing tape to finish boot-stripe
New, slick bottom
Re-glassed hole in Keel
Re-built Max-Prop, feathering prop

Cleaning up, ready to put into water

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