Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Getting OneEighty ready for a New Year, 2017. Spelled m.a.i.n.t.e.n.a.n.c.e

I was so wanting to go sailing right after Christmas, but each time I tried to go out, something on the boat broke.  I finally decided to just bite the bullet and jump into the engine and fix everything that might need fixing in the next 12 months.  I certainly don't want stuff to break when we are somewhere off-shore.  It is hard to get mechanics and parts out in the wild blue yonder.
Beautiful evening set at Sailboat Bay

We have had a break in the winter weather and this week it has been sunny and 75 degrees with great sailing winds 8-15 kts ssw.  Unfortunately I have been in the engine room bumping my head and replacing parts.

OneEighty sitting with the setting sun

Instead of setting my sails on a sunny sea-side day, I was in the engine room playing like I was a diesel mechanic.  The task list included replacing a broken exhaust manifold, putting on new hoses and clamps, replacing the fresh water pump, replacing the belts, replacing the cooling hoses and clamps, replace dead cranking batteries. This normally shouldn't be such a complicated job however all of these parts are on the front of the engine, and the engine is set in the boat backwards, so, to get to them you have to take out part of the bulkhead wall and then lay on the engine and work upside down. 
Engine sits in the boat backwards. Transmission faces forward.

Broken wire that connects to the Thermostat

All the parts that I had to work on are hard to reach

New Pulley didn't fit so I had to put the old one back on. Notice the belts sit differently.
Cranking batteries were 5 years old and end of life. Last year we put in two new 4D house batteries.

Worked on updating my license.  They want me to have a physical every year now.  Isn't that age discrimination?

Rainy day at the beach.  Still beats work.

Found a lost buoy and reported it to the Coast Guard.

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